N25 Maintenance

We have tracked down suppliers for some items but are still missing some.  If you know where we can find the missing N25 bits, please email noelex25association@gmail.com so we can share with everyone else.

Moulds for:                                                             


  • Dispatch & Garlick Ltd Greymouth (03) 768 7089

  • Allan Tuck, Napier al.larn@xtra.co.nz          

Rudder stock                     

  • Hutchinson Boat Builders, Tauranga, (07) 578 8312  

Anchor well plate - Unknown                                         

Motor plate - Unknown

Pop top mould - Unknown                            


Rudder Blade                    

  • Dispatch & Garlick Ltd Greymouth (03) 768 7089

  • Allan Tuck, Napier al.larn@xtra.co.nz  

Rubbing strips                   

Keel winch parts              

  • James Nilsson Ltd, Auckland

Keel wire                  Oborns Nautical http://www.obornsnautical.co.nz/

Stanchion                Oborns Nautical http://www.obornsnautical.co.nz/

Mast Base                Oborns Nautical http://www.obornsnautical.co.nz/

Goose Neck            Oborns Nautical http://www.obornsnautical.co.nz/